Research is at The Core
of Our Mission.

Why the Healthy10?

The Healthy10 Challenge is based on AICR’s Cancer Prevention Recommendations—and the science is clear: they work.

AICR’s Cancer Prevention Recommendations form the basis of the Healthy10 Challenge. They were developed from the latest research to lower cancer risk and help cancer survivors, with overall health in mind. The challenge is a simple and fun way to help people get healthy and take action against their own cancer risk.

Read the Research

For over a decade, independent scientists from around the world have tested just how effective AICR’s recommendations are: do they really work? Yes.

These studies have shown that, in general, following AICR’s diet and lifestyle recommendations links to lower cancer risk and a longer life. Fewer studies have focused on cancer survivors but these too suggest that adhering to AICR’s diet and lifestyle recommendations can help survivors.

These studies show associations, not causation and – like all population studies – each has limitations. Yet, taken together, the research provides evidence showing that the more people adhere to AICR’s recommendations, the greater the benefit.

I feel in control of my health for the first time. That’s made the past 10 weeks some of the most important of my adult life.

Challenge Accepted: Sharon, New Jersey

A Blueprint to
Beat Cancer.

AICR is committed to putting what we know about cancer prevention into action. The Healthy10 Challenge closely follows the latest research put forth in AICR’s 10 Cancer Prevention Recommendations.