About AICR’s New American Plate Challenge

AICR’s New American Plate Challenge is a 12-week interactive program that gets you eating smarter, moving more and managing your weight!

Each week you’ll take one step – a challenge – to put AICR’s 10 Recommendations for Cancer Prevention into action. Research suggests that our evidence-based recommendations not only lower cancer risk, but also help survivors.

Start Where You Are

We know there’s not just one diet and exercise plan that works for everyone. AICR’s NAP Challenge was designed for you to start where you are. Eat the foods you like and enjoy the activities that fit into your life.

You will gradually build habits to eat healthier and get more active by working through the weekly challenges. Each challenge includes specific goals that you work on at your own pace.

How You Take the Challenge

  • Sign up. When the challenge begins, you’ll begin receiving weekly emails
  • Your Monday email reveals your weekly challenge
  • Your Wednesday email reminds and encourages you to stick with your goal
  • Your weekend email helps you prepare for the next challenge
  • Your online journal allows you to track your goals and progress

Join a Community

When you join AICR’s NAP Challenge, you’ll join thousands of others who have already taken the challenge and improved their health. You’ll have access to a members-only Facebook group for support, conversation and sharing the ups and downs of making life-saving changes for your health. Take advantage of the daily group coaching from NAP Challenge dietitians as they provide guidance for each challenge.

Meet the NAP Challenge Dietitians

Charmaine Jones, MS, RDN, LDN AICR’s I want to help you eat healthier and live a healthy lifestyle while not giving up on the foods you love through the NAP Challenge DC program.  See more.

Ayana Habtermariam, MSW, RDN, LDN I am passionate about helping communities of color prioritize our health by improving our relationship with food. As your NAP Challenge dietitian, I will show you how all foods can fit into a healthy eating plan so that your changes last.  See more.

Kaamilah Mitchell I and a student at George Washington University and I am passionate about educating and helping communities of color create a healthier relationship with food. See more.

Helen Naylor, MS, RDN, LDN Whether you’re looking to start or refresh your self-care routine, congratulations. It’s a pleasure to be joining you all on the New American Plate Challenge. My mission is to connect people to food, self and community so we can live whole and full lives. See more.

We encourage you to join the exclusive NAP Challenge Facebook group for daily dietitian coaching and tips.

You may also email us at dietitian@aicr.org.

What is the American Institute for Cancer Research?

AICR focuses on the link between diet, nutrition, physical activity and cancer prevention, treatment and survival. We support research and interpret the results of that research along with findings from the global scientific community, to craft reliable, evidence-based recommendations for lower cancer risk. AICR’s 10 Cancer Prevention Recommendations are your blueprint for healthy living to reduce risk of cancer.
Read more about our mission and work.