Meet the NAP DC Challenge Support Team

Charmaine Jones, MS, RDN, LDN

I am so excited to join the challenge as a NAP Challenge registered dietitian. I am here to provide simple food and nutrition recommendations along with sharing my expertise of how to make your cultural dishes healthier without losing its flavor. Before you start this challenge, I would like to offer you some advice, “The biggest challenge is getting started; and you have already done so. A commitment to health is a lifetime journey; therefore, be patient with yourself throughout these 12 weeks.”

Welcome to the NAPChallengeDC! I look forward to being your dietitian.

I am founder and owner of Food Jonezi specializing in personalized nutrition counseling, curriculum development & implementation and corporate wellness programming. I am also adjunct professor at the University of District of Columbia and I empower my students to learn and live healthier lifestyles. 

I have been featured nationally, including my piece, “Do I Have to Eat Like White People?” which appeared in the Huffington Post. From this a Huffington Post reporter continued the conversation on food, race, and culture with “White People Food is Creating an Unattainable Picture of Health” which was nominated for the James Beard Award in the health and wellness category. My philosophy is that “All individuals, regardless of your socioeconomic background, deserve a healthy life.” Therefore, I am dedicated to serving all individuals and ensuring each one has access to proper food and nutrition education to achieve optimal health

Ayana Habtemariam MSW, RDN, LDN

I am passionate about helping communities of color prioritize our health by improving our relationship with food. During my time as your NAP Challenge dietitian, I will show you how all foods can fit into a healthy eating plan so that your changes last. No quick fixes over here! You will learn to listen to your body while still honoring the role that your traditions and personal experiences play in the food choices that you make.

AICR’s New American Plate Challenge is a great time for you to learn new ways to eat nutritious and tasty foods and include more movement into your routine. I encourage you to set realistic and sustainable goals during these next 12 weeks. And be sure to let us know how we can help you get closer to reaching them. I look forward to working with you!

Kaamilah Mitchell

I am a student at George Washington University, currently working my way towards a Masters in Public Health with an emphasis in Nutrition. I am passionate about educating and helping communities of color create a healthier relationship with food. By meeting communities where they are, I believe we can help changes lives and create healthier generations. With AICR’s New American Plate Challenge, you will be able to learn new tips and tricks to eat nutritious and delicious food. Throughout this challenge, remember healthy eating is a marathon and not a race, but at the end you will come out stronger than before.

Helen Naylor, MS, RDN, LDN

Whether you’re looking to start or refresh your self-care routine, let me first say congratulations on taking this crucial step towards preserving your health! Making the decision to take action is an accomplishment that must be acknowledged (whoop whoop!). Change isn’t always easy and it doesn’t come without a challenge. After all, change is always found in a challenge.

It’s a pleasure to be joining you all on this New American Plate Challenge as your NAP Challenge Dietitian. My personal mission is to reconnect people to food, self and community so we can live whole and full lives. Understanding that the healthy choice isn’t always the easy choice, I’m excited to guide you in navigating the food environment and making healthy lifestyle choices that fit your preferences and your style. Together, we’ll create great plates where all foods fit. Remember, true transformation takes time, so I look forward to working with you over the next 12 weeks to set and reach your nutrition and health goals – one bite and one step at a time.